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Perfect your idea, grow your network, and launch your project with ICO Alert through a simple and customizable pricing structure.



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Idea construction, marketing strategy, and documentation

Develop your project, determine industry positioning, token economics, and create initial documentation. We'll also assist in building a strategy to grow your community.

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Budget, Partners, and Legal 

Our network is comprised of some of the best companies in the industry. We look to put together a budget for the fundraiser and project, as well as lay out partners to work with from the ICO Alert network. 

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Fundraising Strategy

Planning the private sale and selecting capital partners. From here, we begin making introductions to key capital partners for a larger private sale.

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We'll connect you with ICO, blockchain, and startup-specific legal partners who will work with you to make sure your project is in compliance with federal law. 

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Private and Public Sale

We'll tap into select partners and organizations for hyper-specific user results. This includes social media targeting, airdrops, press release distribution and more.

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Token Exchange/Post-ICO

Connect with external partners (OTC, for example) to execute the Post-ICO plans. There will be no shortage of partnerships, announcements, and user involvement in the next 6-12 months after the fundraiser.

ICO Alert has helped over 800 different projects achieve their goals. Through a phased consulting approach, we will act as a key advisor to your project."

Mike Finch, Co-founder & COO

ICO Alert